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About Active Aayu

Active Aayu,Anti Diabetic Atta,Control DiabetesHealth Treat Agro Foods was incepted by Mr. Kshitiz Jain with a vision to eliminate the nutritional and health imbalances in a human body. Owing to efficient implementation of our thorough knowledge and research of the health care industry, our assortment of health care and dietary supplements has been widely appreciated by our clients across the country. Our products ranges from Anti-Anti Diabetic Atta (Wheat less), Anti-diabetic barley dalia, Anti- diabetic powder etc. Our products contributes in improving the health as these carry dietery fibres, proteins, and minerals which delivers higher energy levels.

Our strong quality standards and qualified manufacturing process promises and delivers high-end quality products to ensure that end users enhance their health and life. We use various advanced technology and sophisticated machines for the efficient production of our products. Our technical expertise also allows us to provide the customized solutions to our esteemed clients.

Our Mission & Vision

Active Aayu,Blood Sugar,Diabetes CureMission :
Our goal is that of a multi-faceted success. Our first responsibility is to the financial well-being of the business. We will meet this goal while trying to consider :
  • Quality
  • New product Development
  • High end Research & Development
Vision :
We at Active Aayu, aim at promoting healthy life style and well being of our esteemed customers. Our focus is:
  • To eliminate the nutritional and health imbalances in a human body
  • To provide result oriented products to the customer

Success Mantra
Active Aayu,Food for Diabetes
  • High quality products @ advanced technology.
  • We value our customers opinion.
  • Use our vast experience and insights for improved products.
  • Stay abreast with international developments.
  • Continous innovation to be globally competitive.
  • Growth through "Intrapreneurship".

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Active Aayu,Food for Diabetes,Control Diabetes,Diet for Diabetic Patients