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Amla Powder

Neem PowderAmla is a flowering plant belongs to "Phyllantheae" tribe. Its biological name is "Phyllanthus Emblica". Amla is an excellent herb in making ayurvedic medicines. As per Ayurveda, if amla is used regulary, it will make our age more then 100 years.

Amla is the most richest natural source of vitamin C known to human beings. Amla helps in keeping all the diseases away by boosting our immune system. It helps in rejuvenating all the body organ systems, providing strength. Amla has potential to fight against cancer, cough, allergic asthma and tuberculosis. It helps in enhancing digestion, constipation, blood purification, strengthening the heart, benefit the eyes, stimulate hair growth and helps in excellent intelletual enhancement.

Our Amla powder is 100% Natural, made from hand chosen Amla. It is processed in high-tech machinery under the guidance of professionals in a most sophisticated envionement. Some people call it as Indian Gooseberry powder. It is also carrying some antioxident strengths. It has been produced on the basis of food therapy, which focuses on healing the human body with natural food. This Amla powder comes in dry form, to be used in different ways. Its regular use will promotes glow on skin and delays wrinkles. It is also very rich in protein, carbohydrates, fibre, minerals and vitamins.

Health Benefits for Diabetic People:-

Amla has anti diabetic quality. It help in restoring Vitamin C in Diabetic Patients and improves metabolism. With all its health benefits its help in controlling blood sugar level. Make a mixture of equal quantity of amla, jamun and bitter gourd powder. Take one teaspoonful of this mixture once or twice a day. This mixture is also useful in treating conjunctivitis and glucoma. Also, It can clear pimples, if used with Neem Powder on regular basis.


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