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Active Aayu ...... A path towards the Goal of Health

Its 7’o Clock…breakfast time…”Let’s have Aalu ka Parantha..” That’s a common wish of any Indian family or words uttered by the children that “cereals are BORING...I need Maggi…” our grandfather’s preaching about how they ate healthy food throughout their lives, is talk of past. Today nuclear families are growing, working mothers, busy lifestyles, in short…shortage of time…so here comes to their rescue the READY MADE FOOD or the JUNK FOOD, which…By the way everybody loves. Yes, I said everybody because it includes the grownups too. It’s a common view today that a family sitting at a pizza house and enjoying their meal and this they do quite frequently. The concern about health is just limited to the seats of gym. Firstly we develop a poor eating lifestyle and then push ourselves to reduce it. Children today of India too are facing obesity problem as they are gobbling on Pizza’s and burgers.

To overcome these health problems, the brand Active Aayu has come up with a range of health products. Active Aayu will act as your health manager as the products are made up of fibres, proteins, minerals etc. that add up to the energy level of all ages. Active Aayu has studied the market, and is very well aware about the taste and preference of the customers. Therefore, its main aim is to provide healthy food with quality plus taste. A food which is best suited in your busy lifestyles and which helps you to free yourselves from the tension of weight gain. Each product is a complete health food in itself with all the required nutrients available. Active Aayu is catering the health food to all ages as in today’s time special health foods have become a necessity.

“Health is Wealth” is such an old saying but it is as true as God, specially today ,with all the varieties available for junk food…health seems to be the greatest wealth to be achieved…Active Aayu is carving the path for the same…lets join hands and move towards a bright and health y life ahead.

                                                                                                                                                      (Shilpi Roy Chaudhury)


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Active Aayu,Food for Diabetes,Control Diabetes,Diet for Diabetic Patients