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Healthy Receipes : Good in Diabetes

Loads of delicious recipes covering variety of cuisines. We promote healthy eating habits and these recipes ensure controlled calorie intake.

Diabetes is a condition that causes increased blood sugar levels. It can be controlled and kept under check with careful diet control and proper medication. The food you eat, along with the proportion of meal and the time when you eat is extremely important. By making room for some slight modifications in your eating habits may reap unbelievable results and help in fighting diabetes.

Most of the diabetics, often get frustrated with the monotonous and strict 'diabetic diet' prescribed and the long list of foods that one has to avoid.

We have listed here a few recipes, catering to variety of cuisines, the recipes have been formulated, especially keeping diabetics in mind. The aim is to promote healthy eating habits.

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Active Aayu,Food for Diabetes,Control Diabetes,Diet for Diabetic Patients